Andre Speargun Gold 120

Andre Speargun Gold 120


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Product Description

Andre Speargun Gold 120

Andre Speargun Gold 120 is great for spearfishing aroud rock reef and coral areas in the shallows. Its shorter stocks is easily maneuverable into tight spaces, like into cracks or under rocks whererock fish and snapper hide.

The Andre Speargun Gold 120 features a butt extension design for hip loading leverage. As you pull the power bands back, the butt extension makes easy  to rest the butt of the speargunon your hip without the handle getting in your way. The spear track is recessed into the stock to guide the spear accurately down the barrel. The groove is durable and an excellent design feature compared to eye hole spear tracks which break easily and reduce accuracy.


Features :

  • Stock lenth – 49.75 inches.
  • Heavy-duty 3 laminate teak stock.
  • Power bands – 2, 9/16″ diameter.
  • Stock weight – 3.3 pounds.
  • Speat track – recessed guide.
  • Handle placement – rear handle.
  • Line – 2 wraps of black 300 lb Monofilament.
  • Shaft diameter – 1/4 inch (6.35 mm).
  • Tip – Hawaiian Barb (on bottom).
  • Shooting Range – 17 feet.


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