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Andre Handmade Spearguns

Andre Handmade Spearguns now available in Thailand at our shop here in Kata Beach, Phuket and can be send by postage to all other parts of Thailand. We have a full range of Wooden and Carbon Fiber Handmade Spearguns that are made in Bali, Indonesia and imported to us here at Phuket Spearfishing. All repairs and spares available with many brands of accessories and diving equipment. Very competitive prices due to low import duties from Indonesia, which ensures awesome value for money!

About Andre Wooden Spearguns:
Andre Wicaksana grew up in Indonesia surrounded by exquisite Teak furniture and a family of avid fisherman. Andre learned about the ocean from his uncle and grew up freediving and spearfishing with him from their little dugout canoe using traditional teak wooden spearguns in the crystal clear waters of North Bali.

From an early age, Andre was always interested in improving his spearfishing equipment and the family owned Teak furniture business provided him an opportunity to constantly experiment with making his own wooden spearguns.

Today Andre Handmade Spearguns has earned the reputation for building a line of high quality teak spearguns and spearfishing accessories sold throughout the world.

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